So, we’re now half way through January. Did you make any resolutions? And if so, have you managed to keep them all?

I generally don’t make any… you know, the usual kind of thing – eat less, exercise more, spend less, drink less wine …and I never stick to them.

This year though, we decided to make some Purple Chilli resolutions, so here they are – check back with us to see how we’re doing with them.

  1. Help more businesses with their marketing and communications needs. We love helping local businesses with their objectives… and would love to spread the word even further.
  2. Keep our blog up-to-date. We’re great at keeping clients’ blogs, Tweets and Facebook statuses updated, but when it comes to our own, we’re not so good. Hence why we’ve started writing this entry!
  3. Start reading all those ‘how to’ guide books that have been stacked up on the shelves for the last 4 years. The only problem being that they’re now probably well out of date. ? Note to self – must try harder!
  4. Drink more coffee. And by this we mean, be more social – remember to catch up for coffee with friends, clients, suppliers and potential clients. If you’re free, why not give us a buzz to at least get us started on one of our resolutions!
  5. Refresh our website. We’ve had the same design – albeit with small tweaks – for the last three years. Time for a new look and feel we think.
  6. And finally, get networking again. OK, so for the last couple of years we’ve avoided it, even though we recommend it to our clients as a great way of building your brand. So, at least with this one we’ve made a start. We’ve joined Women In Business and looking at a couple of other groups.