There is, rightly, more and more focus these days on the customer and managing the relationship with them.

If a business fails to adequately look after its customers, some other business will come along to do so.

Businesses have identified a need to ensure that all contact with customers (and indeed potential customers) is managed, which has led to the development of a customer contact strategy.

And in today’s business climate of intense competition, rapid communication and unrelenting demands, businesses are required to undergo continuous change just to survive. It is therefore those businesses that manage this change effectively and efficiently that prosper and deliver enhanced value. Part of this change is both a step-change in culture and a change in the way we view customers and our contact with them.

Good businesses understand the importance of a customer contact strategy and have one in place. Outstanding businesses are those that continue to review their strategy so it keeps pace with the curret environment and adapts to changing customer needs.

So, what is a customer contact strategy?

There are various interpretations available.  Is it a:

  • Customer Experience management strategy?
  • Customer Relationship Management strategy?
  • Contact Centre Management strategy?
  • Customer Marketing Contact strategy?

In my experience, it tends to be a combination of all of the above.

Don’t have one in place? Not sure where to start? Don’t panic!

There are some simple questions you should ask yourself to start with:

  • do you have a clear view of all your customer touchpoints?
  • do you know how / when / how often your business interacts with customers (and potential customers)?
  • do you have a standard approach to the way in which you deal with all your customers?
  • do you need to have the same approach to all customers?

Sometimes it’s not cost-effective or even necessary to continue with all touch points. Many companies find that they’ve still got legacy systems left in place that are outdated and not relevant to the way in which their customers wish to be communicated with.

At Purple Chilli, we’ve been supporting businesses both large and small to develop, review and create their contact strategies. If you’d like some help with yours give us a call on 01482 672742.