We’ve all experienced great customer service at some time in our lives… it makes you feel happy and as though the company providing that product or service genuinely cares about you. And of course it makes you love that handbag or mobile phone just a little bit more as a result. So it’s simple to make your customers happy right?

Well unfortunately not.. The opposite is equally true when you have a poor customer service experience,

So here are some simple tips to put in place to help you keep your customers happy.

Be consistent. Make sure your customer knows what to expect from you. Every time,. From everyone in your business.

Be authentic. Deliver what your customer expects and do what you say your’e going to do. And if what the customer is requesting simply isn’t possible (or at least not in the timescale they’re asking for), tell them. That’s not wrong – they should appreciate your honesty.

Be considerate. All customers deserve your respect and polite service, no matter how much (or how little) they spend with you. That’s not to say that you necessarily need to devote the same amount of time (if time is your currency), but every customer should walk away from their interaction with you feeling good.

Be personal. What we mean by that is to make every customer feel as though their interraction with you was personal to them – no-one wants a robot reading off a script during every conversation. They want to feel noticed and individual. And be personable too! But if you’re dealing with an irate customer, don’t take things too personally!

Be customer-service focused. Every opportunity to interact with a customer should be as good as the next. Don’t just put on the best version of yourself to win a sale… throughout delivery and after sales experiences merit the same level of service.

Be time-giving. The customer should feel that you are giving them 100%. And if you are going the extra mile, there’s no harm in letting them know – they’ll feel valued and will appreciate what you’re doing for them.

Be flexible, No matter what product or service you offer, every customer will perceive their need to be different to the rest of your customers. Treat them differently and accommodate their needs to the best of your ability.

Be reliable. Always deliver your best. Remember, one bad experience is shared more widely than 10 good ones!

Be timely with you responses. If a customer has a complaint, even if you can’t resolve the issue immediately, you should always address their concerns as soon as possible.

Be responsible. if you’ve done something wrong, there’s nothing wrong with owning that mistake. It’s what you do to fix the problem – and how you handled it – that the customer will remember.

Be honest. If you can’t deliver something, tell the customer. NEVER over promise and under deliver.

Be stand out. Make your. service a part of your value-add. Giving great service makes customers come back time and time again. The competition can’t win on price cutting alone.

Be confident. If you’ve got the right product, at the right price for your market and your service is outstanding, be proud and tell people how great you are! They’ll believe you and feel great about your offering too.

Be clear. Make it easy for customers to understand what you have to offer so they won’t have any confusion, or buyer remorse!

Be professional. No matter what your company provides, deliver it with a professionalism that resonates with the customer and makes them remember your company as a quality provider.