So most of us have a personal social media profile, right? So it’ll be super easy to manage our business’ Facebook or Twitter accounts too, right? Wrong. It’s like anything we do at work – do it well or don’t do it at all. And a if it doesn’t come naturally to you, you will either neglect it or do it half-heartedly. For example, I’m not an accountant and I know that book keeping is not my strongest asset, so guess what? I employ an accountant to do ti well, leaving me time to run my own business and look after my clients’ social media accounts.

So here are our top 6 reasons to outsource your social media management:

  1. TIME. It’s generally quicker for a social media manager to do it than you. You’re good a running your business, but keeping on top of your business’ social media accounts is not something that you either enjoy or have time to do, so why suffer any more? Get it done well, cost-effectively and quicker by an expert!
  2. KNOWLEDGE. A professional does this day in, day out. You may be great at fixing a leaking tap, or coding a new computer programme, but writing content is not something you do every day, so why try to do it now?
  3. SUPPORT. If you run a bakery, and still want to be able to post fab pictures of your latest masterpiece, that’s not a problem – we don’t keep your log in details secret! And we can even come in and train your team if you need us to. So you can still pop in and add extra content, but safe in the knowledge that while you’re baking that next celebration cake, we’re looking after all your social media fans for you.
  4. EXPERIENCE. You’ll benefit from the experience we’ve gained over the years of managing many clients’ accounts. You can therefore avoid the pitfalls and the learning curves that most newbies have to go through!
  5. BRANDING. We will ensure that all imagery we use in your social posts is on brand. Likewise, we understand your tone of voice. Whether you’re a fashion designer targeting tweeners, or a social club looking to attract new retired people to join your afternoon bingo, we can speak to your audience exactly as they’d expect you to speak in person. It’s what we do.
  6. STRATEGY. All too often we’ve seen clients start off with the best of intentions – they’re going to post regularly, keep checking for customer feedback, and post lots of videos. Then their next customer order comes in, they’ve put their phone down and Twitter is completely forgotten about. Not only can we write great content for you, we’ll also help you develop your social strategy, complete with plans and objectives, keeping the focus on what your business needs from its social channels.

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