Business success is more important than ever before during an economic downturn.

Don’t just focus on looking for new customers 

Business growth doesn’t have to come from new customers. Growth from existing customers can be more cost-effective, and often easier, than trying to convince someone who doesn’t yet know your brand and offering to switch to you. 

Looking at your existing customer base consider whether they understand your entire product range or service offering? If not, focus on telling them about it! Can you offer solutions to them which will help them during a tougher economic climate? Then tell them about it! Remember, you have a head start with them already knowing you and your service.

Think about your messaging 

A fantastic creative marketing campaign may delight you – but is this right for your customers? Have you spoken to them to find out what drives them to buy your product over your competitors? If the message doesn’t work for your existing customers, there’s no reason to believe it will work on prospective customers. Keep things simple and deliver a message that is more likely to hit the right note.

Be consistent 

Nothing confuses your customer base more than constantly changing your message. Research your market, create your message, refine it and then stick to it. If you have conducted your research correctly, the message will work.

First impressions count

If you have researched your market correctly, identified their needs, confirmed that you have a solution to their needs, and have not reached a point where you have a potential customer coming to your office to discuss the opportunity further. How are they greeted? Is your reception area tidy? Do you offer visitors a coffee? Does your field sales team dress as you’re customers would expect them to, and how you want them to represent your business? Are their cars or vans clean? It may seem like a simple thing, but often it’s these basic elements which can help us stand out from the crowd.

Know your competition 

Knowing what your competitors are offering is important in understanding your own position. If you cannot compete on price, can you better them on service or added value? Finding a key difference and shouting about it is critical to standing out in the crowd.

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