Internal Communications

Engaged staff tend to be more motivated. And more motivated staff tend to be more productive. Research shows that having positive, motivated staff leads great customer satisfaction. It also generates staff loyalty and, as you know, it’s more cost-effective to keep a valued member of your team than it is to have to recruit and then train up someone new.

So, internal communications is important? Yes. But how you go about it is just as important. And it’s not just about an inhouse printed staff newsletter – it’s about a whole host of activities that show your staff that you want them to be involved and that you are interested sharing company news and views with. There is evidence to suggest that during times of having to deliver difficult messages, the companies that fair best are those who already have an open and honest dialogue with their employees.

At Purple Chilli, we have over 10 years’ experience in employee communications and engagement programmes. Talk to us about any of the following services we can help you with.

  • Employee engagement
  • Internal communications strategy / campaign planning
  • Staff satisfaction surveys
  • Cultural change programme
  • Starting two-way communication
  • Internal newsletters / newspapers
  • Staff roadshows / briefing sessions
  • Keeping your staff informed
  • Delivering difficult news / making important announcements
  • Mentoring and coaching of internal communications staff

In fact, we can help you with any of your employee communications concerns. Call us on 01482 672742 or email us now to find a solution to your situation.