The benefits of a virtual employee

We often get asked what the benefits are of having someone who is part of your team, but only when you need them. Here are just some of the reasons we can think of:

  • It allows you to top up your marketing resource for a particular project/time.
  • You can ‘buy in’ specific skills or services that you may not already have within your team – PR,events management, cultural change programmes.
  • Manage short-term staffing shortages.
  • You have control over your overheads – you are only paying for the time that you actually need someone – you’re not carrying the costs of ‘downtime’. If you have a permanent member of staff, you are paying them to just be there – whether or not you are actually running any communications campaigns. With a freelancer, you don’t pay when you don’t need them! It’s as simple as that.
  • A freelancer running a project for you means that the project is delivered on time as they have none of the day-to-day distractions that often impact on the work carried out by a permanent member of your team.
  • You can get ‘big business’ benefits as a result of marketing campaigns that you wouldn’t normally expect if you are running a SME.
  • Free up your time to allow you to concentrate on your day job – running the business – whilst we get on with supporting your communications objectives.
  • You can stop our services at any time – no redundancy costs, no notice period required and no ‘pain’ of letting a member of staff go during difficult times.

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